2005                 All the Tea in China, Chinese Museum, Melbourne, 1-28 February 2005.

2004                 Cabinets, Carvings and Curios: Decorative Arts of the Chinese Home, Chinese Museum, Melbourne, 18 September to 18 October 2004.

2002                 Duty and Desire: the Lives, Loves and Music of the Chinns of Cohen Place and Smythe Lane,  Chinese Museum, Melbourne, 15 February to 31 July 2002.

2001                 From Peony Gowns to Vibrant Cheongsams: An exhibition of Chinese women’s clothes from the 19th & 20th centuries, Chinese Museum, 23 January-11 February 2001.

2000                 Other Healers: 150 Years of Complementary Medicine in Victoria, Medical History Museum, University of Melbourne, 18 May-3 November 2000.

2000                 A Chinese Reformer at the Birth of a Nation: Liang Qichao and the Chinese Heritage of Australian Federation, a travelling exhibition, exhibited at: Shanghai Library, 27 October-5 November 2000;  Zhongshan Municipal Library, Guangzhou, 10-19 November 2000; Australian Embassy, Beijing, 8-17 December 2000; Art Gallery, National Taiwan University, 9-18 January 2001; Central Plaza, Hong Kong, 20 February-4 March 2001; Chinese Chamber of Commerce, Singapore, 14-20 March 2001; Chinese Museum, Melbourne, 7 May-30 June 2001; Chinese Cultural Centre, Chatswood, Sydney, 12-21 July 2003.

1996                 Dreams of Jade and Gold: Chinese Families in Australia’s History, a travelling exhibition, exhibited at: Chinese Museum, Melbourne, 30 June-September 1996; Migration Museum, Adelaide, 9 May-6 July 1997; Golden Dragon Museum, Bendigo, 22 Nov 1999-2 May 2000.

1996                 The Central Equity Gallery of Chinese Australian History (permanent exhibition), Chinese Museum, Melbourne, opened 4 May 1996.

1995                 Dressed for the Occasion - an exhibition of portraits and celebrations from Chinese Australian History, Chinese Museum, Melbourne, 4 June-13 July 1995.

1995                 Finding Gold: Chinese on the Goldfields of 19th century Australia (permanent exhibition), Chinese Museum, Melbourne, opened 29 Jan 1995.

1994                 Dressed for the Occasion: Historical Photographs of Chinese Australian Women, Fremantle Asylum: Museum of Western Australian Social History, 29 September-1 October 1994.

1993                 The Gardens of Heaven: Flowers and Plants in Chinese Art, Chinese Museum, Melbourne, 7 September 1993-23 January 1994.

1993                 The Debutantes of the Young Chinese League of Melbourne, 1938-1988, Chinese Museum, Melbourne, 4-28 March 1993.

1992                 Golden Robes: 400 years of Chinese imperial costumes & textile art masterpieces, Chinese Museum, Melbourne, 6 February-25 June 1992; Warana Festival, Brisbane, 25 Sept-4 Oct 1992.

1991                 China Hands: Australians in China in the 19th and 20th Centuries, Chinese Museum, Melbourne, 3 September 1991-24 January 1992.

1990                 The New Gold Mountain: Chinese on the Goldfields of Victoria, Chinese Museum, Melbourne, 4 May 1990-1 December 1991.