MY WORK   -   conferences convened

2015                 (co-convenor) Dragon Tails 2015: Jade Dragon in the Tropics, 4th Australasian conference on overseas Chinese history & heritage, Cairns, Queensland, 2-5 July 2015.

2013                 (co-convenor) Dragon Tails 2013: Tradition and Modernity, 3rd Australasian conference on overseas Chinese history & heritage, University of Wollongong, Wollongong, 6-8 July 2013.

2000                 (co-convenor) The Chinese Heritage of Australian Federation Conference, jointly organised by the Chinese Museum, and La Trobe University, at the Chinese Museum, Melbourne, 1-2 July 2000.

1996                 (co-convenor) The Chinese in Australasia and Oceania: History, Archaeology, Community, Culture, Art, Politics, Economy and Regional Linkages, International Conference, organised by the Association for the Study of the Chinese and their Descendants in Australasia and the Pacific Islands; at the Chinese Museum, Melbourne, 21-22 September 1996.

1993                 (convenor) Histories of the Chinese in Australasia and the South Pacific Conference, Chinese Museum, Melbourne, 8-10 October 1993.

1992                 (convenor) Chinese Impressions: Chinese Artists talk about traditional and contemporary Chinese painting and discuss their own work, Symposium, Chinese Museum, Melbourne, 23 August 1992.

1991                 (convenor) Australians in China: Two Centuries of Contact Symposium jointly presented by History Institute of Victoria and Museum of Chinese Australian History, Chinese Museum, Melbourne, 4 October 1991.